Monday, January 3, 2011

Clean clean clean

How awesome does it feel to clean your house from top to bottom, then look back and feel that sense of accomplishment. Such a shame it only lasts till the kids get home.

 Alyssa and Alex have spent the afternoon/night at Nan and Pops so I really got stuck into the housework. It looks great for a change. I even reorganised my craft desk and cleaned off the mountain of junk from the pool table. And I decided to write a roster. Designated chores for certain days. Lets see how long I stick to it for. Would be fantastic if I could. It's good to stay on top of the cleaning. I find having a clean decluttered house makes me feel better. Having the house a mess literally makes me feel depressed.

Aaron told me that is has been scientifically proven that mentally ill people feel better if they are in a clean/tidy environment. Perhaps he thinks I am nutty?

So... here is to my clean, decluttered, tidy house! Until the kids gets home!

1 comment:

  1. WTG Annette! It does feel sooo good to have a clean house. Aarons right, ssshhhhhh don't tell him that!, many people who live cluttered lives have cluttered houses. Like the mind manifesting itself.
    I used to have housework list like you have years ago. Then i found FlyLady and that works really well for me.
    Great to hear you've cleaned of you craft desk. Hope that means we'll see a bit of creating from you soon!